Tamaulipas, attractive figures for investment

Day by day Tamaulipas institutions grow stronger in the development of quality human capital. Moreover, the construction and expansion of scientific and technological infrastructure in all Tamaulipas regions have become an important platform for training and settlement of technology-based companies.

The Scientific and Technological Park Tamaulipas – TECNOTAM has an area of 13.6 million square feet. It is part of a program that promotes technology transfer and innovation among companies, especially dedicated to information technology. Therefore, the park hosts institutions of higher education and research centers, creating a space for learning.

Undersecretary for Economic, Heriberto Felix Guerra, described this complex as a “talent factory.” Moreover, he said that the project exceeded all expectations. “It is unique in its

type and is role model. It congregates in the same place the academic and polytechnic sectors, the CINVESTAV, research centers and the private sector.”

The Science and Technology Park is focused on transforming the downtown area of Tamaulipas in one of the most competitive regions in the world. It will develop information technology companies and will activate the State development, thus creating jobs.

TECNOTAM is located in the Ciudad Victoria – Soto La Marina highway at kilometer 5.5. It boasts world class infrastructure and services necessary for the installation and development of technology-based institutions and companies.

In its first phase, Tamaulipas Science and Technology Park hosts the first Cinvestav buildings, the University of Victoria and the Edificio Empresarial de Tecnologías de Información. The infrastructure gives strength to the development of science and technology, resulting in actions that provide competitive scenarios for attracting and retaining businesses and talents.

Furthermore, it encourages public and private institutions involved in research and quality technological development, to expand the industrial and service base.

Hopefully, in a very short time the first technology- based firms will occupy a place in the park, due to the promotion given by the State Government in various forums and exhibitions.

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