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Cabo Norte: an oasis inside the city

Choosing a couple, forming a family and having life-long friendships certainly are purposes of every human being. Building your future includes decidi...

Texas: Innovation in real estate investments in the U.S.

In the last 3 years, the innovative trends in capital allocation by Mexican investors have been the residential real estate market in the U.S. as rent...

Grupo GP participates in LEED-certified constructions

Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño has been recognized as: “Premio Obras Cemex” award, First International Place in the Ins...

FINSA Aguascalientes: social an environmental sustainability

As well as the basic features and typical requirements of an industrial park, the design of FINSA Aguascalientes The new industrial park FINSA Aguasca...

Technology and Design: The latest corporate space interior trends in the market

In early June, JLL Mexico ́s Project and Development Services team attended NeoCon 2014, America ́s largest design exposition and conference for com...

The FIBRA opportunity

  The Mexican real estate market now offers a way to invest in properties that generate rental income, such as retail centers, industrial warehou...

Industrial Markets: Mexico Q1 2014

The North Region experienced a slight-to-medium recovery in rent and vacancy rates, while Monterrey and Ramos Arizpe led in new industrial space deliv...

Mercados industriales México 1Q 2014

La Región Norte experimentó una recuperación de ligera a mediana en precios de rentas y las tasas de desocupación, mientras que Monterrey y Ramos ...

Retos y oportunidades para el desarrollo inmobiliario industrial en México

Los parques industriales en México se están posicionando en un nivel más competitivo, debido al entorno mundial globalizado, el surgimiento de nuev...

Industrial Overview In Mexico

The industrial market is once again the model for the sector’s economic growth, triggered by the investments’ wave in the automotive sector and by...
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