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China: navigating the crosswinds

We expect further policy boosts toward consumption and investment, supporting a gradual economic recovery in the second half in our full -year...

Development Banks in Mexico – Municipal Development

Development banking in mexico and in the world has taken on greater relevance since the global crisis occurred at the end of the past decade. In Mex...

Infrastructure in Latinamerica

To reduce the gap of  infrastructure that separates latin america from the most developed countries it should be necessary to Double the investm...

Instruments that change the rules of the game

During two years of crisis, Mexico experienced the effects caused by  the United States, which affected mainly the real estate market  and thus, ...

Mexico passes the exam: 1Q-2012

Change of Guard At the time 2011 was checking out for the arrival of the New Year, the global financial markets were in disarray; Greece was Europe...

Stable Housing in 2012

The housing industry began 2012 with positive digits; it made one of the most dynamic trimesters in the past few years. According to  some exper...

MexHIC 2012 Convenes Hotel Investment Leaders

By Erico García García Mexico’s hotel and tourism industry has  developed over decades and offers a broad product spectrum...

The Great Towers of Mecca

The Middle East’s urban developments continue to astonish the world Por : J. Isaac Pérez Serrano* In recent years, the Mi...

Why is Now a Good Time for US Passive Real Estate Investments?

If you have recently thought about diversifying your investments in opportunities outside of Mexico consider becoming a passive investor in US real e...

The new Public-Private Partnership Law: The solution to trigger the infrastructure development in Mexico?

After several years of debating and discussing with our legislators, the Federal Government finally published on January 16, 2012 in  the Federal Of...
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