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The aftermath of COP16 for the Building Sector

Texto por Jane Henley * Consejo Mundial de Edificación Verde, CEO Anotaciones por César Ulises Treviño, MSc, LEED AP Consejo M...

Integrating Real Estate into Afore Portfolios

The Mexican government recently authorized pension system investment funds (“Afores”) to expand their investments to include domestic private equi...

FONATUR, There are no small investors

Having ambitious plans, but overall, with secure investment projects, the National Tourism Fund – FONATUR in Spanish, offers interesting options to ...

Giants on Reforma

The story started with the construction of Torre Mayor, the highest building in Mexico City located on Paseo de la Reforma (Reforma Avenue), the area ...

The Real Estate Show 2011


Economic And Financial Outlook For 2011

Three years after the financial crisis a new path for recovery seems to be approaching. Nevertheless, this trend will not be enough to eliminate the g...

CITELIS: A real estate company of Organizacion Ramirez, one of the Best Mexican Enterprises

Citelis comes from its founder The enterprise Nowadays, Citelis owns four lines of business: ’s vision, Enrique Ramirez Miguel, who decided to diver...

Leed for Retail

Today we will make an overview of the international effortson behalf of the environment because they set the guidelines for the government actions, an...

2011 the year of CKDs

    The presence of Capital Development Certificates (CKDs) has surprised the national economy, and at the same time, it will impact, in a positive ...

2011: A fractured world

Global economy divided in 2011     The global economy is becoming more fractured Equities our preferred investment Equities are well-positioned for ...
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