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Inmuebles Carso 2011, a dynamic year

Different sorts of projects and developments, such as Plaza Carso, the Soumaya Museum, the Multimodal Terminal in Ciudad Azteca, Ecatepec, and Ciudad ...

The expert skier (Part I)

The Marketer is not unlike an expert skier as he looks down from the top of a new and challenging piste© This is Part I of a two-Part article. Part I...

A more competitive Mexico

Mexico must count on 6 thousand buildings for offices, 62 thousand stores in shopping centers and industries and 170 industrial parks to develop the r...

The Infonavit heads towards the green

Infonavit’s goals are granting credit for green housing: as well as remodeling and expansion. The changes to the so called Green Mortgage include th...

Sustainable development in Chihuahua

If we hear Chihuahua, we immediately think about maquiladora and manufacturer industry, because it is highly linked to the State. In fact, for this in...

LEED Certification, More and more important

The information is surprising regarding power consumption by corporate buildings. According to the US World Green Building Council (WGBC), corporate b...

Sustainable, Integrally Planned Center Sinaloa The latest in the Pacific

Based on sustainable development concepts, the National Trust Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR, by its acronym in Spanish), has started the new S...

Economic Benefits of the Sustainable Construction

The value of investment property should be analyzed in terms of all costs and revenues generated during the entire life cycle of the building at any t...

Green Building in Mexico: Present and Future, a vision from a practical point of view

In the next 30 to 40 years, norms, codes and practices in USA will have each and every new building mandatorily designed on a green building program b...

Taking advantage of sun and wind, we generate energy

Masterfan has a lot of experience in the air circulation market in Mexico and in other Central and South American countries. They have a wide range of...
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