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Ibarra, del Paso, Gallego y Berezowsky: Fifth Anniversary



In 2011 Carlos Ibarra, Adrián del Paso and Gerardo Gallego decided to join efforts and experience to achieve a common goal: to form a law firm specialized in real property and business transactions capable of rendering services of the highest quality in a dynamic way and with competitive costs. Actual participation of the partners in matters, a humanist orientation and passion for work were the commitments that they assumed with their team and their clients.

Will Uribe Photographer

Will Uribe Photographer

As of five years from such proposal, the original goal has been achieved beyond expectations: the more than thirty members which comprise the Firm today in an open office space in Santa Fe and a worldwide clientele in several areas of Law are a confirmation of this.
Attention to clients in all areas of the real estate sector allowed them to develop and excel in various practices: Environment, Energy, Infrastructure and Projects, Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Regulatory Compliance, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical, as well as Labor and adversarial procedures Civil, Commercial and Administrative Litigation, as well as Arbitration and Mediation.
The arrivals of David Berezowsky in 2013 and Juan Miguel Martínez Mendieta in 2015  provided stability and growth for the Firm with their respective practices in Energy and Dispute Resolution, areas in which they have been acknowledged by clients and colleagues. Adrián del Paso has excelled serving companies of the real estate and pharmaceutical sectorswith an array of Environmental and Regulatory matters, while Gerardo Gallego has participated notably in Joint Ventures, Capital Markets transactions and Financings with real property components, both with domestic and foreign investors. On his part, the Firm’s leader, Carlos Ibarra, maintains himself active with all sorts of real estate transactions ranging from acquisitions and developments up to financings, dispositions and reorganizations of businesses with real estate distressed assets.
Will Uribe Photographer

Will Uribe Photographer

Worldwide lawyer-ranking editorial firms, such as Chambers & Partners, Legal 500 and Who’s Who have noted the Firm’s success, which in its first five years has attained distinctions and acknowledgements continuously during the last years, especially for its participations in Real Estate, Environmental and Energy subjects.
On the evening of September 8th, Mexico City’s Museum of Modern Art housed a gala a with nearly 200 guests that attended to celebrate the first five years of the Firm. A guided visit of the exposition “Notes and Anecdotes of a Collection” by Remedios Varo and an outdoors cocktail reception on the Museum’s terrace were part of the attractions that friends and clients from investment funds, developers, constructors and other companies from the real estate, finance, energy and biochemical sectors enjoyed together with members of the Firm.
Supported by his partners, during the toast Carlos Ibarra praised the guests for the support and confidence entrusted during what he considered, the first part of the journey: “It is thanks to you that increasingly more enterprises and lawyers are willing to be a part of our endeavor, either as clients, allies or as part of our human capital” he thanked.
The festivities continued the next day with the golf tournament that the Firm organized for clients and friends at the executive golf-course of Bosque Real and which culminated with the awarding of prizes for the match winners.
Countless study hours, thorough follow up and attention to matters, continuing training and updating, genuine teamwork, flexible compensation structures with clients and which are result-driven have been the main elements that have positioned this Firm in such a short timeframe. Adrián del Paso commented to INMOBILIARE: “We want to continue breaking paradigms in the rendering of high quality and sophisticated legal services with lots of enthusiasm, innovation and passion for what we do.”
Congratulations and many more anniversaries for Ibarra, del Paso, Gallego y Berezowsky!

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