Ari Gati More

Technology, Real Estate and Blockchain Investor

I consider myself a strategist and technologist who connects the dots between real estate, technology, and alternative finance. I am an active real estate investor and angel investor in innovative social impact companies, an advisor to numerous start-ups and co-founder of a modular building systems company. I am fascinated with the global blockchain movement, modern architecture, and sustainable modular design. Global financial systems are undergoing a renaissance and I’m excited to be an active part of that effort.

My passion continues to grow around new economic systems that empower people to pursue entrepreneurism globally and build sustaining wealth through ownership in real and rare assets and taking equity positions in innovative high-growth sustainable and social impact related companies.

I am currently pursuing projects that educate people on Blockchain and alternative finance; using real and rare assets to secure new global currencies; and developing affordable and sustainable high-quality modular housing.