Robert Krieger


Robert is a native of New York and raised in Los Angeles. He graduated San Francisco State University with a degree in Biology. He started working as a Customs Broker in 1978 and became a licensed Customs Broker shortly thereafter. Robert has taught classes in starting an import/export business and taught international freight management at UCLA. He has taught customs brokerage at California State Universities. Robert has given seminars on the apparel industry in Australia, China, Hong Kong and South Africa, as well as in the U.S. Robert is the father of six children and enjoys hiking and collecting pens and watches.

As President of Krieger Worldwide, Robert is responsible for leading four different companies in three countries. Robert is responsible for insuring Customs Compliance at Krieger Worldwide offices, as well as assisting Krieger Worldwide clients with their compliance. Robert has also been involved in various consulting projects which have included helping clients save on Customs duties through his understanding of both valuation and classification issues. Robert has also conducted freight audits for a number of companies. In addition to many other benefits from the audit, these companies have achieved lower freight costs and improved transportation services as a direct consequence. Robert has helped Krieger Worldwide gain its reputation as one of the leading providers of global logistics.