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Housing Planning and Development in Mexico

Few people remember Philip II, but we all use the 400 cities that his West Indies Charter left. Few people know who Baron Hausmann was, creator of the...

Most frequent mistakes in residential development

Each project in which we have the opportunity to collaborate presents a series of unique complexities. However, during our journey throughout more tha...

Mexico City’s international airport: A global benchmark in sustainable infrastructure

The new project for Mexico City’s international airport (AICM, in its Spanish acronym) will be among the most sustainable building in the world and ...

Products Contributing to LEED Certifications

In Mexico, it will be more and more common that real estate of offices class A, commercial centers, industrial units and even hospitals get LEED Certi...

Innovative projects of shopping centers in Argentina

Who predicted the “death of the mall” a few years ago were wrong, at least when it has to do with emerging markets and developing countries. It is...

Preparing the land to homes for lease

The population is changing at an accelerated rhythm, the policies to give a house to the population have had to evolve and make the necessary adjustme...

Attraction of Foreign Capital in National Land

Mexico boasts a strategic position that serves as an access bridge into one of the most important consumption markets, the United States, besides dire...

Cabo Norte: an oasis inside the city

Choosing a couple, forming a family and having life-long friendships certainly are purposes of every human being. Building your future includes decidi...

Texas: Innovation in real estate investments in the U.S.

In the last 3 years, the innovative trends in capital allocation by Mexican investors have been the residential real estate market in the U.S. as rent...

Grupo GP participates in LEED-certified constructions

Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño has been recognized as: “Premio Obras Cemex” award, First International Place in the Ins...
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