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Technology and Design: The latest corporate space interior trends in the market

In early June, JLL Mexico ́s Project and Development Services team attended NeoCon 2014, America ́s largest design exposition and conference for com...

The FIBRA opportunity

  The Mexican real estate market now offers a way to invest in properties that generate rental income, such as retail centers, industrial warehou...

Industrial Markets: Mexico Q1 2014

The North Region experienced a slight-to-medium recovery in rent and vacancy rates, while Monterrey and Ramos Arizpe led in new industrial space deliv...

Industrial Overview In Mexico

The industrial market is once again the model for the sector’s economic growth, triggered by the investments’ wave in the automotive sector and by...

Revitalization of the Center Area

The decentralized public organism Instituto Municipal de Planeación Urbana y Convivencia de Monterrey (Implan), which main goal is being the technica...

TEC District: South Zone

Monterrey’s South zone that practically started its development with the creation of the original Campus of Tecnológico de Monterrey at the end of ...

Cumbres: West Zone

The so-called Cumbres zone, located in the City of Monterrey, is primarily residential and has experienced great growth during the last 20 years and h...

Valle: East Zone

The so-called Valle zone, which was initially conceived as a residential area, is currently considered the most important business center in the north...

The Mining Industry in Mexico: a Golden Opportunity

Mexico’s production value makes it the 14th biggest mining producer in the world. In 2012, the value of Mexican exports of ores and concentrates rep...

Mexico Hotel Market Trends

HVS is pleased to provide a Mexican lodging market overview addressing trends in business and leisure travel. Overall, the industry has shown a solid ...
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