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Armour is a privately held insurance group. It has many interests in the insurance market, including title insurance, reinsurance, run –off solutions and risk and claims management services.

Armour’s subsidiary, ILS Investment Management, acts as sole and exclusive advisor to Credit Suisse for the ILS P&C Fund Limited, an investment vehicle with focus on purchasing insurers. London based and headquartered in Bermuda, with locations in the UK, USA, Italy, Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Mexico. Armour’s Senior Management has wide experience in the insurance industry Armour’s senior team has more than 100 years of management responsibility in management of insurance companies as well as structured and reinsurance deals.

The team has managed and created insurers in the leading centres of Lloyd’s, Bermuda and the US and has also completed run-off and related reinsurance transactions involving aggregate reserves in excess of $7 billion. Armour Group is an experienced participant in the insurance sector.
Armour prides itself on having an excellent reputation, both through the transactional process and in the ongoing management of assumed portfolios and managing insurance operations Insurance reserves managed by Armour will be in excess of $3 billion after closure of most recent acquisitions Armour also enjoys close cooperation with clients, regulators and other stakeholders to protect value and mitigate reputational risk.
Title Insurance Through its subsidiary Secure Legal Title, headquartered in London, and affiliate Titolo Sicuro in Italy, Armour has wide experience in the title insurance market. Via its experienced team, business has been conducted extensively throughout Europe, the UK, Mexico and the US. Secure legal Title acts with its Lloyd‘s broker on behalf of Lloyd‘s syndicates in the underwriting and management of the title insurance portfolio. The company was created in 2011 by its senior executives, and Armour acquired a majority investment in 2012. Titolo Sicuro operates as an exclusive licensed insurance intermediary in Italy for a specialised form of title insurance, developed by Secure Legal Title, known as donations insurance.The management of Secure Legal Title will assist FNT in its development.

Lloyd’s Financial Strength
In 2013, Lloyd’s reported USD $41 billion of Gross Premiums Written, with a pro t of USD $5 billion. Lloyd’s combined ratio of 86.8% outperformed that of its peer insurers. The fact that Lloyds is a stable, well capitalized insurer, with excellent oversight is recognized in its Financial Strength Ratings:

Financial Strength Ratings describe the financial security characteristics of the rated entity and its ability to meet financial commitments.
The ratings stated below are independent opinions of Lloyd’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations. Lloyd’s currently enjoys an A rating from A.M. Best, A+ from Standard & Poor’s and AA- from Fitch.

Juan Pablo Arroyuelo President & CEO
Pablo Marti
Sales and New Business Director
Lucia Treviño
General Counsel & and Escrow Director
Bosque de Radiatas 50 piso 4 Bosques de las Lomas 05120 Cuajimalpa Ciudad de México. Tel. (55) 9177 – 0860
Fax. (55) 5257 – 1268


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