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FINSA: The most important industrial developer and property manager in Mexico

Founded in 1977, FINSA provides completely integrated real estate solutions for the industrial sector through its 50+ strategic locations in Mexico, United States and Argentina. Today, FINSA is internationally recognized as one of the most important real estate developers in Mexico with a 115 million square feet portfolio under management and more than 100 million square feet developed, thanks to the continued preference from its distinguished customers and the strength of its ventures that continuously generate a portfolio of new projects, with more than 50% coming from existing clients or referrals. FINSA is commercially related with more than 300 companies, most of them in the Fortune 500.

FINSA has been a pioneer in Mexico introducing innovative real estate solutions aimed at satisfying the requirements of all its customers with world class quality, as well as on time and cost competitive services, such as:

Dedicated Suppliers Park

FINSA’s value proposition deployed through exclusive industrial park locations have enabled unique capabilities that have significantly benefited automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and their associated multi-tier supply chain customers.

Important supply chain cost savings and improved efficiencies for automotive OEMs are achieved through optimizing inventory and logistic operations. Improved supplier-customer responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction is only possible in FINSA Industrial Parks by eliminating warehousing space, packaging, and by minimizing transportation lead times and distances, while improving the total quality of the process. “Just in Time” and “Just in Sequence” programs are the backbone for competitiveness in automotive supply chain.

Integrated Developments

Effective urban planning, which strategically integrates housing, commercial/retail and industrial elements on a unique approach that generates a positive experience where people can live close to where they work, play and shop. All this is accomplished in FINSA’s new developments.

Sustainable Developments

FINSA’s advanced design, architecture and construction initiatives, strive for harmony with nature and environment, in an aesthetically pleasant proposal.

FINSA was awarded the “Certificate of Environmental Quality” by the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA); the award recognizes FINSA’s compliance with PROFEPA’s Environmental Regulations.

At FINSA, we are confident that we will maintain our leadership, quality and solid tradition; our success is measured by our customers and determines our mandate to continue developing great ideas.




Ricardo Margain No. 444 Sur, Piso 12

San Pedro, Garza García

Nuevo León, Mexico 66265

Tel: +52(81) 8152-4200

Fax: +52(81) 8152-4201





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