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Gava Capital: Supporting the future major developers in Mexico



The best opportunities can arise from the worst circumstances, and Gava was one of the companies that knew how to take advantage of the 2008 crisis to enter the real estate sector, helping small and medium developers to grow their businesses.

Captura de pantalla (331)Andreu Cors recalls that in 2009, the global financial crisis coincided with a deceleration in Mexico, when the funds that had existed and the investments being made in the real estate sector disappeared. However, there was still a strong housing demand and there were good developers who needed capital to complete projects.

“The opportunity lay at the bottom curve of the cycle, when everyone was getting out of the business and we had the vision to get in, which allowed us to participate in the upswing of the sector’s cycle. Today, we have 11 strategic partners with 29 projects in development, after five years of operations”, Andreu Cors explains.

Gava sees important potential in the medium markets, including Merida, Veracruz, Queretaro, Tijuana, and naturally also in Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City.

Sebastián Garza T. notes that the business of Gava has been to find the talent with which to share values and develop relationships based on trust. Developing real estate comes after the relationship has been established.

Roberto Cantú of Grupo Avante, one of Gava’s developer partners, emphasizes that values such as honesty, teamwork, respect, and trust are important in the business relationship built between the two companies. Meanwhile, Federico Sada Rivero of Insar, adds that their relationship with Gava has been like a family, knowing that Gava isn’t going to let them down.

Andreu stresses that the developers they are looking to fund are small or medium companies that already have some experience, and which have built their capital with money from friends and family; “we offer companies the opportunity to move to the next level, supporting their growth, improving their processes and institutionalization, obtaining more capital to develop bigger projects. When they are already developing or operating, they have very little time to start new projects, because they’re dedicating more time to these aspects; so we come in to help secure the land and structure the projects during the initial phase,” he added.

Sebastián Garza T. adds that, “we’re a mix between a developer and an investment fund, we work hand in hand with our partners from the beginning, supporting the search and negotiation for land, enriching the planning stage, or securing bridge loans, as well as helping with the structuring and financial connections. Many of our partners appreciate the discipline of our processes, as we help them to put their businesses in order and focus on what’s important.”

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Gava helps developers grow

Among the advantages that Roberto Cantú Alanís finds working with Gava, he highlights the quickness of response, the business vision, and the constant drive to go beyond and make a difference in the market. The reality has exceeded expectations, he notes. “This has been an enriching experience: from the personal touch, the constant push for the accelerated growth of the project, the search to reduce risks, and their focus on increasing profitability”.

From his perspective, Federico Sada Rivero of Insar, comments they’ve been working with Gava for five years and they are currently collaborating together on five projects. “We were Gava’s first formal partners, and it’s been an experience that has brought much value added, as they are very clear on the methodology and the indicators needed for good decision making in the life of the projects, which has complemented our experiences as developers”.

“We’ve found there are many advantages to having them as a partner: they’re quick and precise in making decisions, they add value to the business structure and they are very good at generating new business”.

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Technology Colliers 360. Management of real estate portfolios 




Technology continues to disrupt business and transform the way real estate services are delivered – from business process automation and analytics to visualization of data.  Colliers is pioneering new and innovative ways to elevate the end-user experience and the value we deliver to our clients.
Our cloud based platform, Colliers360 (, allows our clients to manage and optimize their real estate portfolio by helping drive alignment between their business strategy and real estate with a focus on improving the productivity of real estate and reducing the total cost of occupancy.  By bringing disparate data sources into a centralized platform, we can provide our clients with a holistic view of their real estate portfolio – providing clarity and additional insights into the real estate assets.


Colliers 360

After many successful deployments and years of experience, we have developed a systematic approach for delivering technology solutions that are easy to deploy and value driven.  We partner with real estate teams to help them create an identity and presence within their organizations, while elevating their interactions with the business.  Our focus is on the improvement of productivity of real estate – developing creative and unique strategies for each location that go beyond traditional real estate solutions.
Colliers360 continuously evolves to meet the demands of our clients through customizable solutions that generate value in meaningful and unexpected ways.  Please join us for an interactive session as we demonstrate the capabilities of Colliers360 and showcase how businesses are using the platform to help make more informed decisions around real estate.

Esteban Oñoro

Accelerating of success.

By Esteban Oñoro Corporate Solutions Director Colliers International Mexico T.+(55) 5209 3696
In collaboration with: Dan Hernández CS Technology Services Colliers International Chicago, USA
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