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MAPIC 2015, 21st Edition of the World’s Leading Global Retail Real Estate Show



The concept of MAPIC seems simple and obvious today, but when it was launched in 1995, it was both audacious and visionary. The idea of giving international retailers a large overview of sites where they could develop on an international scale, anticipated the massive globalization of today’s retail. Over the years, the retail real estate industry has gone through many ups and downs but MAPIC remained at the forefront of the industry, welcoming a large number of new retail brands and developers from around the world.

Though some attendees dropped out due to security concerns in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, MAPIC’s 2015 edition was one of the most successful ever, with developers and retailers declaring themselves bullish about international expansion and showcasing their projects; MAPIC hosted 8,100 delegates and 470 new brands. The impact of digital on retail, with topics such as omnichannel and the collection and processing of data, but also which brick and mortar solutions can suit digital players’ needs, were key topics at this year’s MAPIC. It were particularly discussed and analyzed at the MAPIC Innovation Forum, an area of the exhibition hall dedicated to innovation, where delegates could attend conferences and presentations to learn about the use of innovative technologies and solutions to increase footfall and retail property value.

A strong focus on entertainment in shopping centers or retailtainment was done at MAPIC, highlighting the fact that shopping centers are increasingly becoming leisure destinations and not merely places to “shop and go.” A dedicated pavilion brought together new market players from the retailtainment industry. The efficiency and return on investment of pop-up stores, which are developing fast and can take multiple forms, was also discussed in a dedicated conference session.

USA, country of honor at MAPIC 2015

The United States is a pioneer in the retail industry and has been represented at MAPIC since the first edition. The United States has always been dynamic and creative whether in the field of shopping centers, retail brands, retailtaiment or digital. That is the reason why the USA was selected as the Country of Honor at MAPIC 2015. A pavilion dedicated to key US players in the retail real estate industry and several sessions of the conference program focused on the US retail market and its specificities.


As every year, the competition aimed to reward the most dynamic retailers and shopping centers in terms of innovation and creativity in 2015. The organized received a record number of 110 applications this year, and they were amazed by the innovation, creativity and excellence of the projects presented.
The winners of the MAPIC Awards 2015 were:

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