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Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (NGKF) provides a unique array of services with creative solutions for users, investors, developers and procurement executives involved in all commercial real estate industries throughout Latin America. We examine our clients’ speci c needs and requirements beginning to end with the goal of developing a plan in support of their business objectives. Newmark Grubb Knight Frank’s mission is to provide best-in-class services to the owners, occupiers and end users of land, or bricks and mortar. With years of experience and the regional capability to transact in Mexico, our reputation as an innovative and effective service provider has allowed us success in a highly competitive market. NGKF is regarded as the regional standard of excellence among its peers, thanks to new clients, repeat customers and a tremendous sta across all service lines.

A Combination of Cultures
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank is assertive and sophisticated in approach when collaborating with clients to address the business intent of an assignment or engagement. Our company offers a unique combination of discipline, culture and qualifications, rooted in integrity and efficiency of implementation. In addition, we acknowledge the jurisdictional barriers in custom and language when securing business relationships, and embrace the international standards and national and regional socioeconomic implications required to conquer local regulations or deterrents.

A Merger of Disciplines
We fundamentally believe in combining all professional disciplines in a seamless service package. We rely on our internal experience to make recommendations for brokerage, consultancy, logistics, nancial methodology, space program- ming and construction management with the absolute objective to gather the precise combination of corporate talent for any assignment or engagement around any asset or project classification in support of client business or investment objectives.

About Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
As part of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (NGKF), one of the world’s leading commercial real estate advisory firms, NGKF’s local professionals and their clients have access to NGKF’s global resources and relationships, and to unparalleled capital markets expertise and capabilities through NGKF’s parent company BGC Partners, Inc., and BGC’s relationships with Cantor Fitzgerald and Cantor Commercial Real Estate. Operating from more than 370 offices in established and emerging property markets on six continents, NGKF is meeting the local and global needs of tenants, owners, investors and developers worldwide.

Corporativo Espacio Santa Fe, Carretera Mexico-Toluca 5420 – PH, Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, Mexico, D.F. 05320
T +52 (55) 5980 2000


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